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What We Do
Home Design & Construction - Expensive / High-End Homes
    Exteriors, Entries, Courtyards
    Portals, Living Rooms,
    Kitchens, Dining Rooms
   Bedrooms, Bathrooms

Home Design & Construction -
Affordable Building Methods

    Exteriors, Entries, Courtyards
    Portals, Living Rooms & Other Rooms
    Kitchens, Dining Rooms,
Bedrooms, Bathrooms,
    LEED/Sustainability/Green Building
    Retail Design & Construction
    Restaurant Design & Remodeling
    Hotel & Lodge Design & Construction
    Commercial Office Architecture
    Historic / Landmark Restoration
    Museums / Galleries / Religious
    Corporate / Industrial / Banks
    Public & Public Works / LEED
    Entertainment / Theatre / Cultural
    College Campus / Institutional
    School Design & Construction
    Conceptual Drawings & Models
    Land Planning Services

Landscape Design & River Restorations

Historic District Design & Construction

Elements of Southwest Architecture
    Massing, Layering of Space
    Indoor / Outdoor Space
    Light & Shadow, Color
    Texture, Focal Points 

LEED - Green Building
    Energy Efficient Building Methods
    Passive House Building System
    Fire Wise Construction
    Energy Efficient Check Lists
    Water Harvesting & Recycling

Green Building Classes
Client & Student Testimonials
    Publicity on ADC Network
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What We Do

ADC Network, Architects Designers & Contractors Network, is a progressive design and building hub of professional architects, interior designers, home builders, general contractors, landscape designers and design-build firms. Founded in 1995 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, ADC helps clients realize their best building projects through our consulting, referral and 17 years of teaching smart, green building methods. ADC helps talented local design and building firms have an opportunity to meet and be considered by good clients for their building projects. Our network serves local, regional, national and international clients through a wide array of services for residential and commercial projects. A full list of our services are available below.

FYI – Do you know that only 3% to 5% of the public can afford to build custom buildings and most of those clients have never been through the design and building process. Compare that with 90% of the public who receive medical care from doctors. Doctors have clinics and hospitals in most towns and all cities so they are relatively easy to locate. Architects, designers and builders work from their studios and the majority of potential building clients don’t know them or only know a tiny fraction of the talent available to them. Traditionally this has left clients to the referrals of real estate agents and brokers, dentists, doctors, lawyers and neighbors – too often resulting in mediocre building design that doesn’t incorporate green building methods which support clients in realizing self sufficient life styles.

We help you form a great design and building team or round out your existing team. Some ADC clients already have architects or builders they’re committed to and we bring them complimentary services including landscape architects and designers, interior designers, water harvesting, renewable energy experts and structural engineers.

Since 1995 we’ve been familiarizing clients with the design–build process and how it can help insure that you develop a design that you can afford to build. There are many things to know about how to work well with architects, designers and builders. Many more things to know about smart building and remodeling methods and which techniques work well with your budget. We help empower you to have a great design and building experience.

Compare our pricing with other design and building professionals.
You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how competitive our pricing is for quality design and building services.

ADC Services for Residential & Commercial Clients
– Helping clients be informed about hard and soft building costs, architect, design and drafting fees, green building systems and how to affordably incorporate best practices for a self-sufficient life style.

A no-cost referral service that introduces you to a variety of well-matched design and building firms based on your needs. We refer you to firms who are suited to meet your needs relative to your design preferences, project program, location, schedule and budget.

ADC has a solid track record of saving clients significant money through our referral process and helping them to be up-to-speed on how to go through the design and building process well.

Green Building Classes - Seventeen years of teaching New Mexicans how to build smart relative to their budget highlights our commitment to supporting people through the design and building process. Click here to see our upcoming class schedule at Santa Fe Community College. * We also offer private teaching in person and through the internet.

Ask about our affordable, custom home plans that work well for clients with small budget projects. We prepare a simple builder’s set of construction drawings for clients who need to build as affordably as possible, owner-builders and clients acting as their own project manager. Our custom home plan services always help you shape your house design for maximum energy efficiency.

Emergency Response – ADC Network taught our series of green building classes to dozens of fire survivors within 30 days after the Cerro Grande fire of 2000. We are currently building a beautiful, small, affordable, off-grid home for fire survivors from the 2011 Cochiti Mesa Fire.

Additional Services for Commercial Clients
Preconstruction services are offered by many ADC Network contractors to support clients in designing realistically for their budget. For clients working with out-of-state architects, ADC General Contractors and local Architects can consult to help you incorporate building design that is effective for our high desert region.
- Ongoing Cost estimating during the design phase
- Drawing review – especially for clients working with out-of-state architects or local architects who have not had the opportunity to incorporate green building technologies into their previous designs.

Green Building Method Experts and LEED Accredited Professionals to insure your design has incorporated the best energy efficient building techniques and water harvesting methods relative to your budget.

Many ADC Network Members have been leaders for decades in green building methods. Our membership includes Certified Passive House designers, LEED Accredited Professionals, Build Green New Mexico Members, board member of the New Mexico Chapter of the US Green Building Council –USGBC, past AIA Presidents and members of Santa Fe Area Home Builders.

Construction / General Contracting

Construction Management

Owner’s Representative Services
that promote and protect the Owner’s interest throughout the phases of design and construction.

Additional Services for Architects, Designers, Contractors & Industry Related Businesses
Website Design – We offer affordable website design services to support industry professionals in creating effective websites that they can manage going forward. We develop Wordpress websites that are programmed with open source code so architects, designers and builders can keep control of their content and update their website at any time with any designer / programmer of their choice. This website design approach insures that your business is never “held hostage” by expensive website designers who create custom programming that you can’t easily or affordably change.

SEO Services – We help industry related businesses improve their existing websites to help them attract good clients. We bring decades of design and building experience that allows us to see how to easily improve existing websites with better keywords, meta tags and content development.

Photograph / Portfolio Management – We help design and building professionals get their photography and drawings organized digitally and in print to support their business development needs. We also take photos of their projects as needed to help them document their work. When architects and builders are looking to hire professional photographers we have a roster of excellent talent we can recommend.

RFQ / RFP response - We support architects and builders in pursuing public projects with RFQ – Request for Qualifications and RFP – Request for Proposal submittals. This government procurement process is expensive and labor intensive for architects and builders. We help them get their information digitally standardized to stream line the submittal process.

Project Profile Sheets - Helping design and building professionals format and standardize their project documentation for quick and easy portfolio assembly. Project Profile Sheets are used for websites, emails to prospective clients, RFQ and RFP responses.