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What We Do
Home Design & Construction - Expensive / High-End Homes
    Exteriors, Entries, Courtyards
    Portals, Living Rooms,
    Kitchens, Dining Rooms
   Bedrooms, Bathrooms

Home Design & Construction -
Affordable Building Methods

    Exteriors, Entries, Courtyards
    Portals, Living Rooms & Other Rooms
    Kitchens, Dining Rooms,
Bedrooms, Bathrooms,
    LEED/Sustainability/Green Building
    Retail Design & Construction
    Restaurant Design & Remodeling
    Hotel & Lodge Design & Construction
    Commercial Office Architecture
    Historic / Landmark Restoration
    Museums / Galleries / Religious
    Corporate / Industrial / Banks
    Public & Public Works / LEED
    Entertainment / Theatre / Cultural
    College Campus / Institutional
    School Design & Construction
    Conceptual Drawings & Models
    Land Planning Services

Landscape Design & River Restorations

Historic District Design & Construction

Elements of Southwest Architecture
    Massing, Layering of Space
    Indoor / Outdoor Space
    Light & Shadow, Color
    Texture, Focal Points 

LEED - Green Building
    Energy Efficient Building Methods
    Passive House Building System
    Fire Wise Construction
    Energy Efficient Check Lists
    Water Harvesting & Recycling

Green Building Classes
Client & Student Testimonials
    Publicity on ADC Network
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Publicity about ADC Network

Fine Homebuilding - Annual issue on Houses
Long-distance architect hunt
"How do you give birth to a good house when you're 1500 miles away from the site and don't know anyone there? Our first task was to find an architect who could design the kind of house we wanted: a modern house that nevertheless respected New Mexico's tradition of earthen homes. Fortunately, we learned of Robin Dorrell at ADC Network, a service in Santa Fe that links prospective clients, builders and architects. She made several recommendations after thoroughly interviewing us, and a few phone calls later, we set up a meeting with our architect in Santa Fe."

Western Interiors and Design
Features an ADC project that is "calibrated to function as a smart house, with high-tech gadgetry to control everything from temperature to musical preferences. The main purpose of the design is to harvest the abundance of light. Light is used as a form-defining element. The design of the house is sensitive to what the light is going to do throughout the day. The 7,500 square foot residence with wraparound terraces is tucked into a strategic location that offers commanding views of the Jemez, Sandia and Ortiz mountains."

The Santa Fe New Mexican
A Perfect Match
"Ahhh, building a dream home. There's nothing like fantasizing about the perfect house. You get that deck you've always wanted, those vaulted ceiling, those granite countertops. Well, why not? That's what fantasies are for: getting what you want. So go for it.

Trouble is, when the time comes to actually build that dream home - or remodel your existing home - the idea of it is always easier than the doing. Even if you ire someone to do it for you, it's inevitable that problems will arise. Plus, where in the world do you even start?

One place that more and more locals are turning to is ADC Network, a Network firm for architects, designers and contractors / home builders. Heading the organization is Robin Dorrell, who started the venture in Santa Fe in 1994."

When Liz and Bob Mullen decided to build a home off Hyde Park Road they discovered ADC. "Robin introduced us to an architect who turned out to be the perfect match. We found our builder through an ad in the paper and we were sorry. Next time, we'll use Robin to help us find a contractor. She knows how to get everything done. She knows the reputations and talents of everyone in the design and building trades here. She's invaluable."

ADC supports clients who are planning to build by:
- Helping them identify design needs and prioritize them relative to the client's budget
- Introducing clients to quality architects, designers and builders who can meet those needs
- Determining a feasible time schedule
- Helping them establish a realistic budget based on hard and soft costs
- Familiarizing them with smart building materials
- Informing them about checks and balances that can be used to improve the design and building process

"A great way to meet architects, designers and contractors." Santa Fe New Mexican

Santa Fean- Home & Garden Issue
The New Green
- Say goodbye to compromise, with today's stylish building options, you can have environmental benefits and beauty.
"Some of the most dynamic, attractive homes in Northern New Mexico are green. Not in color but in concept. These are structures to be in sync and in harmony with the wider world - homes that are well built, sustainable and good for you. They're also uncompromisingly attractive. If you haven't done so already, it's time to rethink green.

It's not surprising that Santa Fe is home to some of the nation's most active and innovative green designers. Even those Santa Fe architects known for their general excellence, not green design in particular, routinely incorporate green elements into their projects.

Robin Dorrell can attest to that. Dorrell is the founder of ADC Network, a business that matches would-be homeowners and commercial clients with the right professionals. "We serve a whole spectrum of needs," not just green-building concerns, she notes. That said, many of her clients do express an interest in green design, particularly after experiencing one of ADC's classes in renewable energy, alternative building methods, energy-efficient design and remodeling, water harvesting and recycling and introduction to green building."

ADC Network is a consulting service for anyone seeking architects, designers or contractors / home builders."

Santa Fe Reporter
Annual Manual
Architects Designers & Contractors Network Service
"Finding the designer or builder that's right for you and your project can be a nightmare. Fortunately, this excellent Network service facilitates that process with aplomb. A great web site, chock-full-o-resources, complements the service."

John Morris Dixon
Editor Emeritus of Progressive Architecture

"Identifying the right architect or builder for the commission at hand is crucial, and ADC brings years of valuable experience to this process."

Richard Fitzgerald
Executive Director of the Boston Society of Architects, AIA Chapter

"I am a willing and enthusiastic promoter of the services you offer. I would welcome the opportunity to help you market those services in Boston, and throughout the world."