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Affordable Building Methods

    Exteriors, Entries, Courtyards
    Portals, Living Rooms & Other Rooms
    Kitchens, Dining Rooms,
Bedrooms, Bathrooms,
    LEED/Sustainability/Green Building
    Retail Design & Construction
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Landscape Design & River Restorations

Historic District Design & Construction

Elements of Southwest Architecture
    Massing, Layering of Space
    Indoor / Outdoor Space
    Light & Shadow, Color
    Texture, Focal Points 

LEED - Green Building
    Energy Efficient Building Methods
    Passive House Building System
    Fire Wise Construction
    Energy Efficient Check Lists
    Water Harvesting & Recycling

Green Building Classes
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ADC Network's "Master Green Building Classes" have been taught by local design and building professionals to the general public since 1997. Eighteen years of teaching New Mexicans how to build smart relative to their budget highlights our commitment to supporting people through the design and building process. The classes teach you how to build within your budget and to incorporate the best building methods for Energy Efficiency, Water Harvesting & Recycling, Off-Grid Design & Building. Design and building methods apply to both home and commercial construction projects, new construction and remodeling.


As seen in "Santa Fe New Mexican, The Santa Fe Reporter, Green Fire Times, Santa Fe Trend"

For eighteen years our classes have been taught at Santa Fe Community College through their Continuing Education Program and in recent years in their Sustainable Technologies Center.

*** Now our Master Classes are taught privately in person or online through conferencing programs like Skype or Google Hangouts using a rich Power Point Presentation. The students are provided with a printable pdf of the slide show that they can take notes on as we teach.

Click over to “www.GreenBuildingLearningCenter.com” to learn more.

Call us at (505) 474-8388 to learn about new green building topics including:
"Passive House" system developed in Germany resulting in ultra-low energy buildings that require little energy for space heating or cooling. See below in our "Alternative Building Methods Class".

The class series and individual classes prepare people to design and build beautifully and smartly with water conservation and high energy efficient building methods. Classes are moderated and coordinated by Robin Dorrell; experts in each field are brought in to present and help teach each class. Classes are presented for home owners, those who are planning to build a new home or commercial building, remodel their existing home or office, and for professionals in the field, such as builders, designers, architects, real estate agents, lenders and appraisers. The series presents an overview of numerous key topics in the Green, LEED & Sustainable Home Building field, focusing on one area in each class.

Testimonials about ADC Classes

Renewable Energy Systems -- Using the sun to save money and “energize” your home or commercial building
Learn about Renewable Energy systems for generating heat and electricity for your home. These systems will reduce your energy costs, decrease your “carbon footprint” and make you less dependant on public utilities. We review Solar Electric (Photo-Voltaic or PV), Solar Thermal (solar water heating and radiant heating), “small” Wind, GeoThermal (or Ground Source Heat Pump, for heating and cooling), and Passive Solar (natural heating and cooling). We discuss system designs and how to incorporate them into existing buildings (retro-fits), as well as planning for new construction. We provide an overview of the costs and financial incentives of these systems.
Energy Efficiency | Elements of Southwest Architecture

Remodeling for Energy Efficiency – Lower your utility bills and save money when you remodel your home or commercial building.
In this new class we explore strategies for energy-efficient remodeling and how to get the most “bang for your buck” when you remodel. We look at the key components and systems of home remodeling projects, such as windows, walls, roofs, heating and insulation, as well as advances in building technology and materials. Learn how to tighten up the “building envelope” while dealing with venting and combustion issues that are so important to your health and safety. Find out what mistakes to avoid, the cost of various improvements, and what green builders, energy raters, and other experts suggest.

Great Architectural Design and Passive Solar Principles
Explore the design principles that will help you create a beautiful and functional home affordably. Showing examples from New Mexico and around the world, this class will familiarize you with important design considerations, showing how mass and massing, light and shadow, layering of space, texture, indoor-outdoor space, and color all contribute to achieving architecture that has enduring comfort and beauty with smart water conservation and high energy efficiency. We review passive solar design principles that can significantly reduce energy consumption through natural heating and cooling. We also provide an overview of architectural design elements and styles that apply to all types of climates and building design.
Energy Efficiency | Elements of Great Architecture

Alternative Building Methods and Materials – From mud to modern: adobe, Passive Solar Orientation, The Passive Haus, ICFs, AAC, straw bale and beyond
Learn about the variety of building methods and materials used for wall systems, and how they relate to green building and energy efficiency. We will review adobe and the ultra-energy-efficient “Passive Haus” system, as well as straw bale, pumice-crete, ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms), AAC (Aerated Autoclave Concrete), and new advanced framing techniques. You will learn the pros and cons of these building methods, how they are priced and used in construction, whether modest or high-end, and how each material relates to the important dynamic of Mass vs. Insulation. We also briefly review rammed earth, timber frame, straw clay, and Earthship buildings.
Energy Efficiency | Fire-Wise Construction

A Guide to Successful Building – Be prepared to have a great experience building your new home or commercial project
Familiarize yourself with the design and building process and learn how to work with architects, designers and builders for a successful building experience. This class reviews the systems, processes, details and strategies you need to help you stay within your project budget and manage your home or commercial building project effectively. Topics and issues include: calculating hard and soft building costs; budgets and the benefits of early price-checking to stay on budget; how to find the right architect and builder for your project; project process flow chart; and the schedule of values for a building project. We also review some sample sets of construction drawings.

"Build Smart, Build Green" – a comprehensive overview of Green Building: Save money and make a better house when you build or remodel
Building smarter, “greener” and more energy efficient buildings is easier than you may think. This class provides an overview of green building concepts and methodology for owners, builders and designers who want to improve the quality of their homes and achieve higher energy efficiency while reducing their impact on our the environment. The class reviews current issues, concepts, strategies, techniques and goals in the field, including: "Carbon Neutral" and "Zero Energy” homes, LEED and "Build Green" programs, HERS ratings, and energy efficiency strategies. We review the major components of green building programs and discuss financial incentives, tax credits and regulations.

Water Harvesting and Recycling - Save, store and re-use water for your home, landscape and office.
Conserving and managing our precious water resources are crucial to living in New Mexico. Learn how water harvesting and recycling systems can reduce your water usage and your water bills. We review current practices for using and managing storm-water, including roof-top capture, passive systems, cisterns, pumice wicks, and infiltration strategies. We also show how easy and cost-effective it is to use your household “gray water” (from showers and washing machines) to irrigate your landscape, plus strategies for dealing with highly-polluting septic tanks and leach fields, making this “black water” safe and usable for irrigating your landscape.

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